New Record for Non-stop Round-Britain Dinghy Sailing?

Two British sailors are awaiting entry to the prestigious Guinness Book of records after sailing around Great Britain in a 16-foot dinghy in 16 days.

dinghy record

Will Hodshon, 42, and Rich Mitchell, 44, left Salcombe in Devon on June 15, in their 60-year-old open mahogany Wayfarer Nipegegi. They stormed around the coastline of mainlaind Britain – covering 1390 nautical miles in just 15 days and four hours.

Arriving back in home port on July 1, Rich described some of the hairier moments of the trip. He told the Guardian newspaper: “We’ve had a few days of big winds and waves and in those conditions you can’t sleep at all. Will has been hearing the odd voice or two and I’ve been hallucinating a bit. Sleep deprivation has been the worst – we’ve fallen asleep on watch a number of times. Sometimes the sailing is very challenging. You can’t get off the boat when you feel you’ve had enough. You just have to carry on with it”.

But he also described the pleasure of sailing alongside minke whales, seals and dolphins, who were frequent visitors to Nipegegi.

The pair used their venture to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and the charity Surfers Against Sewage. And they are now waiting for confirmation that their passage qualifies for the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest round-Britain sail non-stop and unassisted in an open dinghy. If they do receive confirmation, they will have beaten the current record – which stands at 28 days – very convincingly.

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