Boat Designer Don Pye Dies Age 93

Famed British yacht designer Don Pye has died at the age of 93.

don pye

A draughtsman and designer by trade, Mr Pye joined forces with Kim Holman at the latter’s Mersea Island base in 1964. Between them, and in partnership with David Cooper, they designed more than 40 models of various lengths, with at least 5,000 individual boats being produced. The Holman and Pye creations included the well-known Oysters, Hustlers and Rustlers.

They were the originators of Sailho’s own boat Amneris, an extremely well-balanced, safe, fast and sound Hustler 25.5. Much of Amneris’ interior is the original, giving her a practical yet homely feel.

The quality and sea-worthiness of Holman & Pye craft have long been admired, and with good reason; for example, three of the designers’ Rustler 36s took first, second and third place in the 2018 Golden Globe race.

Mr Holman died in April 8, 2006, at the age of 81. Mr Pye passed away on August 20, 2019, after a heart attack.

Details of Holman & Pye designs can be found on

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